You automate to retain existing customers. Or to acquire new customers. Do you want to know with which specific services Mediascope can realize both goals for your company? We list them for you.


Just design something: okay, can do. But what you really want is an email campaign that seamlessly matches your DNA. And at the same time hits a chord with your customer. Good news: our designers bridge that gap between your identity and targets.

Copy and content

You must of course have something substantial to tell your target group. And write it down in a nice way. Mediascope has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of copy and content. In other words: we like to climb into the pen.

Responsive design

De look & feel van je campagne moet altijd werken op elk apparaat: mobiel, tablet of pc. En met elk e-mailprogramma: Gmail, Outlook of Yahoo. Mediascope gebruikt responsieve sjablonen zodat je aanbod meeschaalt met wat voor type scherm dan ook.

Creating APIs, linking applications

You have more customer data than you think. Only: how do you find them? How do you make the most of them, while putting privacy first? Mediascope links all your systems, from your CRM to invoicing. And therefore draws up very precise profiles.

Landing pages

Landing pages are a critical factor in the success of your email marketing campaign. Because once you have the attention of your target group, you undoubtedly want to move on to phase two: the conversion. You can continue with our landing pages.

Effective forms

If we need to highlight one aspect of the landing pages, it's the forms. Extremely important. Your prospect must and will leave his details. We master the art of a logical, effective and pleasant form like no other.

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Growing step by step in marketing automation

The success of email marketing requires careful planning and execution.

The roadmap for automated email marketing helps with this.

Mediascope makes a projection based on your ultimate goals. In addition, there is a constant search for possibilities for further optimization.

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We can do this for you

Only what you need so you can focus on your own activities.

Still haven't sent that email with the invitation to a scheduled event? Is it time to clean up your files?

Leave it in our hands. Either way, we take care of it. Whether it is a new design, automating campaigns, creating APIs or creating an adaptive template, our specialists have the right knowledge.

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One-stop-shop: email marketing with integrated service

At Mediascope you will find everything your email marketing projects need under one roof.

Your email expert takes care of both contact and implementation and helps the organization to grow. And when you need it, our Media Studio is there.

Privacy by Design is our standard

The privacy of every user is our top priority

more about Privacy by Design