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Before you can begin your digital innovation and transformation journey, you need to start by clarifying and formalizing your ‘why’. You need to determine your end goal before you can envision the steps to get there.

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If it is completely clear how the 'why' is filled in, the required functionalities can be determined and filled in. Below you will find a number of important topics to optimize communication.


1. Target Audience & Segments

Each segment can be represented by an archetype, the persona. A persona usually contains information about your customer's demographics, interests, needs, and preferences.

2. Communication Strategy

Define your brand communication strategy and core messages based on the identified personas. How are you going to inform, convince, enlighten, educate, remember and enrich your target audience about your products and your offers?

3. Touchpoints & Channels

You have to be where the customer is, they determine the channel. There you can expand your brand. With which contact moments can you generate interest, increase conversion and make your customer base even more loyal?

4. Content Formats

You need to determine the best way to deliver the right experience. Channel specific content usually works best. It takes a little more time but will certainly yield the highest reward.

5. Personalization Strategy

The personalization strategy starts with segmenting the audience, your customers. You can gain insight into the interests, behaviors and preferences of each market segment to send targeted communication.

6. Technical solutions

When it is clear how and why the transformation will take place, only then is it time to focus on the technical aspect of your digital innovation and transformation process. The technology follows the strategy, not the other way around.

How can Mediascope help

Deploying new features in minutes instead of weeks or months is essential to deliver timely and relevant digital experiences for now and in the future. Your client is expecting this from your company.

The most crucial aspect of the digital innovation and transformation journey is the transition of the digital business mindset. The digital mindset, a mentality to make the entire organization digitally adaptable. We will be happy to guide your company.

We can analyze the various aspects together with our partners. Each partner has its specialty, which produces better and faster results.

It is not only the automation of communication flows. The best channel will also have to be chosen for each message. Each channel has its advantages and idiosyncrasies.

We ensure that your existing systems are linked. This means you don't have to make expensive investments. We work with all known systems for the most effective communication with the customer.

With our solutions, you are always right regarding the protection of personal data. We ensure that all customer data is always kept secure.


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