We are Mediascope

We are not just an agency, we are your dynamic email marketing department. We help you with optimizing the mailings, the campaigns and the results of your email marketing department.

We have all the necessary means to achieve your marketing goals. We are basically an extension of your company.

Why a dynamic email team?

For a converting email marketing strategy, for now and for the future, the right knowledge and know-how is needed. Apart from the know how, this strategy also has to be implemented.

Mediascope provides both services, the Media Studio and the Media Knowledge. Mediascope is fully dynamic: we provide you the knowledge and the capacity. Therefore, we can always offer customized solutions.

Your own email team marketing, only when you need it

We are an extension of your organization and we’ll help you with maximizing your email marketing sales channel.

Direct relation between you and your email team

You will have a direct relation with your new personal email expert. With one email or phone call you’re problem will be solved. This will save you both money and time.

We work with any email marketing platform.

So you will not need to use other software or buy licences for it. Just give us access to your marketing tool and we’ll start right away.

We do email marketing, nothing else

No SEO, no social media only content and email. We are specialists in email marketing and we want to send the best converting emails. Therefor we have all the necessary knowledge and capacity at our disposal to achieve the desired result.

What can we do for you?

Your own dynamic email team

As it is impossible to have all the knowledge in-house, we have a team of the best email marketers available for you. They can help you with creating, sending and monitoring email campaigns. At the Media Studio you will have a fully dynamic email team at your disposal, tailored to your needs and budget.


From a newsletter to an automated mailing

From a simple newsletter to a fully automated mailing campaign. We know what is needed for successful email marketing. Together with your marketing department we create an Email Roadmap. We always work within the applicable privacy laws and regulations.


Our identity


Email marketing is our core business.
Email marketers with many years of experience.
Based on Privacy by Design


Dynamic email team.
We work with your email software.
We work with you at the office, with us in the studio or a combination of both.


Clear cost sheet, discussed beforehand.
KPI’s, thorough planning and clear reporting.
Open en transparent communication structure


We are always available when you need us.
We are an extension of your own organization.
Your email marketing goals are ours.

We work with all email marketing platforms

Our clients

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