Did you know that email opens and clicks, occurring on mobile devices, have increased 80% over the course of the last period? When you create campaigns geared to move prospects down the funnel, are you considering mobile devices? Are you giving your potential buyers an option of how they want to interact with you?

At Mediascope, we urge marketers to be sure that every time they create a campaign or send an email that they are designing for mobile and considering the mobile experience. Options like social sign-in, QR codes and SMS are great ways to give mobile customers an opportunity to interact.

Interactive media offers many opportunities for visitor behavior to closely follow and anticipate. Recognize the Customer Life Cycle of your target audience. With campaigns that support the targets and the customer understands.

Mediascope makes data measurable. With a clear customer view a lead can become converted to customers more easily. Effective communication demands a clear picture of customers. Mediascope helps helps you to obtain profile data from your own database. These data form the basis of your customer knowledge.

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