A tailor made email team that fully fits your needs and demands

Meet our Media Studio

No e-mail marketer can answer any questions. Sometimes there are professionals who specialize in a particular section of the e-mail marketing box. But those specialists only need you occasionally. Mediascope has a team of specialists, the Media Studio. These specialists can be deployed when there is a need.

In other words, our Media Studio is actually a complete email team with all the disciplines you can wish for. Only, when you need it.


Need a good design? Our designers know what an email or campaign needs to be successful. They ensure that the design fits your corporate identity and helps to achieve the desired result.

Corporate identity

Brand communications is extremely important to convince prospects and customers. At Mediascope we identify your target audience and write content that helps you achieve your marketing goals within your own corporate identity.

Responsive templates

From the design, templates are developed that work well on any device, mobile, tablet or desktop! One message with one look & feel whether in Gmail, Microsoft, Outlook or Yahoo.

Forms to achieve a maximum conversion

Forms are important to get personal data from your customer. The more information he fills in, the more personal and relevant your message can be written. On a landing page, the customer must leave as much information as possible. So, you’ll have to convince him……

API’s and Database links

To send personal and relevant emails, you need a complete profile information. We analyze the impact, write the plan of approach and develop the API with your back office, CRM or app. These links are tailor-made.

Optimized landing pages

The success of your email campaign partly depends on optimized landing pages. Personalized landingspages with the right call to action will improve the conversion.

One-stop e-mail marketing shop

At Mediascope you will find everything your email team needs, under one roof. Your email expert is your permanent contact, helping you with the implementation of your emails and marketing campaigns. And at the times when you need it, you can use the Media Studio.

Such an email team I want too!

Please feel free to contact us! Then we’ll see how our team can also get more results from your email marketing.